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Department of Radio/Television/Film 2020 Awards

Departmental Excellence Award for Undergraduate Students

Awarded to recognize undergraduates who have produced exceptional work in the areas of production and scholarly writing

  • Arshad Baruti
  • Drey Bautista
  • Annabel “Mega” Dafiaghor
  • Sascha Deng
  • Sarah Evans
  • Meredith Fry
  • Oliver Henry
  • Dhruv Mehra
  • Marisa Ray
  • Anna Skillom
  • Nate Brimner Smith

Bindley Film Production Award

Established by Bill (C84) and Scott (C88) Bindley to fund the annual production of student films

  • Antonio “Cassio” Mendoza
  • Greg Voelkel

Chuck Kleinhans Essay Prize

Awarded to an outstanding work of undergraduate film scholarship, established to honor and perpetuate the memory of film scholar, artist, activist and iconoclast Chuck Kleinhans, associate professor emeritus of the department of radio/television/film at Northwestern University, where he served on the faculty for nearly 30 years.

  • Peach Sahasakul
    Good News and Bad News: Subversive and Ironic Methods of Gently Letting People Know You Plan to Turn Them into Horses.

Joann Torretta Award

Established in honor of Joann Torretta, a member of the School of Communication class of 1953, to fund student productions

  • Clayton Mills

WNUR Willis L. Butler Leadership Award

Presented to students who have shown strong leadership in furthering WNUR; sponsored by the WNUR alumni organization

  • Henry Moskal
  • Somil Sanghvi