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Department of Communication Studies 2021

Departmental Excellence Award for Undergraduate Students

Presented to recognize exemplary academic performance, distinctive contributions to the department, and shining representation of the School of Communication

  • Jessica Cheng
  • Isaac Conner
  • Zach Fox
  • Kate Hancuch
  • Emma Healy
  • Max Johnson
  • Kat Kosup
  • Kaitlyn Margolis
  • Sung Joon Park
  • Sammi Schnuer
  • Sophia Simon
  • Lauren Tran
  • Sherry Xue

Department Honors for Undergraduate Theses

  • Annika Weinberg
    Femvertising: Her Superpower or Kryptonite?

Donald H. and Carolyn E. Ecroyd Fellowship

Awarded to assist graduate students by supporting the completion of their doctoral dissertations; established in 1993 to honor the late Caroline D. Ecroyd, a School of Communication alumna who was unable to complete her PhD in communication at Northwestern because of lack of funds and who with her husband spent many years as a university faculty member in speech

  • Kaitlyn Childs

Irving J. and Laura Lee Fellowship

Established in 1987 by David Lee to honor and perpetuate the memory of his parents, who met at Northwestern as students and both became School of Communication faculty members — Irving specializing in public speaking and semantics, Laura in children’s language development and disorders

  • Ashley Ferrell

Graduate Dissertation Awards

Presented to recognize dissertations of exceptional quality in three areas: rhetoric, mass communication, and interpersonal communication

  • Mark Diaz
  • Jabari Evans
  • Yongsung Kim
  • Will Marler
  • Liam Mayes
  • Catalina Uribe Rincon

Mary Peterson Gilbert Prize

Awarded annually for excellence in speaking; established in 1955 by the husband of School of Communication alumna Mary Peterson Gilbert, who was praised by school founder Robert Cumnock as one of the most gifted readers in the country

  • Samantha Pietenpol

George M. Sargent Awards

Presented to the first-year, second-year, junior, and senior students with the best records in their regular course of study; honors the memory of George M. Sargent, a member of the class of 1915


  • Kylie Harris
  • Asha Yearwood


  • Cindy Hu
  • Sam Jenkins


  • Emily Drucker
  • Jada Sunshine Morgan


  • Kendyl Counts
  • Berit Ginsberg